Results Lyric of Jennifer Lopez Reflects On Her Up And Down Relationship Journey Songs

  1. Bruno Mars
    Straight Up And Down
  2. Our Name In City Lights
    Up And Down Around Again
  3. And Also The Trees
    Maps In Her Wrists And Arms
  4. Pretty Ricky
    Up And Down
  5. Raffi
    Bumping Up And Down
  6. Hard Target
    Up And Down
  7. The Muffs
    Up and Down Around
  8. The Rolling Stones
    When The Whip Comes Down
  9. Vengaboys
    Up And Down
  10. Dave Matthews Band
    Sweet Up And Down
  11. Kidsongs
    Up and Down, Round and Round
  12. Audio Push
    Up And Down
  13. Gretchen Peters
    Sunday Morning (Up and Down My Street)
  14. 2 Pistols
    Up And Down
  15. The Cars
    Up and Down
  16. Sesame Street
    Up And Down
  17. Adina Howard
    Up And Down
  18. No Authority
    Up And Down
  19. John Shuttleworth
    Up and Down Like a Bride’s Nightie
  20. Kidsongs
    Bumpin’ Up and Down
  21. Adina Howard
    My Up And Down
  22. Lil B
    Up And Down
  23. The Pop Ups
    Up and Down
  24. The Rolling Stones
    When The Whip Comes Down (Live Version)
  25. Mr T Experience
    Up And Down
  26. Sebadoh
    Hoppin’ up and Down
  27. Humble Pie
    Shut Up and Don’t Interupt Me
  28. John Lee Hooker
    Up And Down
  29. Countdown Kids
    When I Grow Up I Want to Be Like Daddy
  30. Mike Gordon
    Up and Down
  31. Andrii-Popa
    I wanna wake up and…
  32. Eric Dolphy
    Straight Up and Down
  33. Bruno Mars
    Straight Up And Down (en español)
  34. 2 Live Crew
    Come on, Get Up And
  35. Lazar Brcic Kostic
    It Was up and Down
  36. Jigsy King
    Jump up and Down
  37. Gene Ammons
    New Blues Up and Down
  38. Wade Hayes
    Up And Down
  39. The Ventures
    Up, Up, And Down
  40. Duane Eddy
    Up and Down
  41. Maceo Parker
    Up and Down East Street
  42. High
    Up and Down
  43. Harold Land
    Up and Down
  44. Half Japanese
    Up and Down
  45. Kidzone
    Up and Down
  46. Jennifer Lopez
    Going In
  47. Jennifer Lopez
    Goin’ In
  48. Jennifer Lopez
    Goin’ In
  49. Jennifer Lopez
    Wrong When You’re Gone
  50. Jennifer Lopez
    Walking On Sunshine