Results Lyric of Octavian Announced As Winner Of Bbc Musics Sound Of 2019 Songs

  1. Burden Of A Day
    Sound of Solace
  2. Leaders of The New School
    Sound Of The Zeekers @#^**?!
  3. Pokémon
    Pokémon Theme
  4. The Phantom of the Opera (Original London Cast)
    All I Ask Of You
  5. Pokémon
    PokéRap GS
  6. Vanilla Ice
    Ice Ice Baby
  7. Shadows of The Sun
    Shadows of a Setting Sun (Shinsuke Nakamura)
  8. Big Time Rush
    Big Time Rush
  9. Of Monsters And Men
    I Of The Storm
  10. Wiz Khalifa
    Ass Drop
  11. 5 Seconds Of Summer
    Ghost of You
  12. Poets of the Fall
    Carnival of Rust
  13. The Phantom of the Opera (Original London Cast)
    All I Ask Of You (reprise)
  14. Sons of Apollo
    God of the Sun
  15. Little Shop Of Horrors
    Little Shop of Horrors (Prologue)
  16. Back Number
    Boku no Namae wo
  17. 5 Seconds Of Summer
    Out Of My Limit
  18. Kings of Leon
    King Of The Rodeo
  19. Sound Of Music
    Climb Ev’ry Mountain
  20. Original Cast of “Cats”
    The Naming Of Cats
  21. System Of A Down
    Vicinity Of Obscenity
  22. USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)
  23. Big Time Rush
    Big Night
  24. System Of A Down
    Legend Of Zelda
  25. Story of the Year
    Anthem Of Our Dying Day
  26. Walk Off The Earth
    Gang of Rhythm
  27. Soldiers of Jah Army
    Rest Of My Life
  28. Rhapsody Of Fire
    Reign of Terror
  29. Sisters Of Mercy
    Temple of Love
  30. Big Sean
    Big Nut Bust
  31. Dukes Of Hazard
    Dukes Of Hazard Theme Song
  32. Big Data
    Big Dater
  33. Kids of 88
    Ribbons Of Light
  34. Band Of Skulls
    Light of the Morning
  35. Queens of The Stone Age
    Villains of Circumstance
  36. Walk Off The Earth
    Shape of You
  37. One Day as a Lion
    One Day As A Lion
  38. Theory of a Dead Man
    Out Of My Head
  39. Flight of the Conchords
    Ladies of the World
  40. Fistful of Mercy
    Fistful of Mercy
  41. Montana Of 300
    Land Of The Dark
  42. Theory of a Dead Man
    End Of The Summer
  43. Eve
  44. Sounds of Paradise
    Lover Of My Heart Chords
  45. Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  46. Point Of Grace
    Circle of Friends
  47. Big Boi
    Back Up Plan
  48. Rhapsody Of Fire
    Aeons Of Raging Darkness
  49. Fields Of The Nephilim
    Wail Of Sumer
  50. Times Of Grace
    Hymn Of A Broken Man