Results Lyric of Portugal The Man Not Mad At The Jonas Brothers Sucker Song Similarities Songs

  1. The Moon and the Nightspirit
    The Moon and the Nightspirit
  2. Portugal. The Man
    Share With Me The Sun
  3. Florence + The Machine
    What The Water Gave Me
  4. Company – Into the Woods
    Cinderella At The Grave
  5. Tyler, The Creator
    What The Fuck Right Now
  6. Tyler, The Creator
    What The Fuck Right Now (Freestyle 4 Remix)
  7. TV on the Radio
    Staring At the Sun
  8. Rag’n’Bone Man
    Be The Man
  9. New Kids On The Block
    You Got It (The Right Stuff)
  10. Among The Thirsty
    At The Cross
  11. K.c. And The Sunshine Band
    It’s The Same Old Song
  12. At The Gates
    At The Gates
  13. Deadboy & the Elephantmen
    What the stars have eaten
  14. Circle Takes The Square
    Interview At The Ruins
  15. Mott The Hoople
    At The Crossroads
  16. Lords Of The New Church
    Do What Thou Wilt
  17. Adam And The Ants
    Room at The Top
  18. Presidents Of The United States Of America
    Kick Out The Jams
  19. On The Last Day
    At The Breaking Of The World
  20. Presidents Of The USA
    Kick Out The Jams
  21. Portugal. The Man
    Feel It Still (Ofenbach Remix)
  22. Oh No Not Stereo
    They Are Not Right
  23. Devin the Dude
    Wut Tha Fuk
  24. We Shot the Moon
    We Shot the Moon
  25. Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer
    You Made Me The Thief of Your Heart
  26. We Are the Fury
    Parody At The Masquerade
  27. Everything But The Girl
    Hang out the Flags
  28. At The Gates
    At the Gates – At the Gates
  29. We Versus The Shark
    I Am At The Mercy Of An Ambulance Driver
  30. AZ The Visualiza
    What’s The Deal?
  31. Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer
    You made me the thief of your heart (12″ remix, stained mix)
  32. Kim Lenz & the Jaguars
    Howl at the Moon
  33. The Dead Body Men
    Die For The Man
  34. Nef The Pharaoh
    Out The Hood
  35. Portugal. The Man
    Purple Yellow Red And Blue
  36. Portugal. The Man
    Noise Pollution [Version A, Vocal Mix 1.3]
  37. Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer
    Look What You’ve Done
  38. Pokémon
    Pokémon Theme
  39. The Weeknd
    The Hills
  40. Etta James
    At Last
  41. Company – Into the Woods
    Prologue: Into the Woods
  42. Vincent Bohanan & the Sound of Victory
    We Win: The Kingdom Declaration (Radio Edit)
  43. Empire Of The Sun
    We Are The People
  44. Walk The Moon
    Sorry We’re Not Sorry
  45. The Weeknd
    The Morning
  46. Panic! At the Disco
    Nine In The Afternoon
  47. The Platters
    The Great Pretender
  48. Ed Sheeran
    What Do I Know
  49. The Martins
    The Promise
  50. The 1975
    The Sound