Results Lyric of Prince Movie Musical In The Works Songs

  1. Randy Travis
    A Heartache In The Works
  2. Bonnie Prince Billy
    Death In The Sea
  3. Vincent Bohanan & the Sound of Victory
    We Win: The Kingdom Declaration (Radio Edit)
  4. New Kids On The Block
    2 In The Morning
  5. Adele
    Rolling In The Deep
  6. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    Jeff Waz on the Beat Box
  7. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
    Cecilia and the Satellite
  8. Old & In the Way
    Old and In the Way
  9. Sweet Honey in the Rock
    In the Morning When I Rise
  10. Panic! At the Disco
    Nine In The Afternoon
  11. The Lonely Island
    I Threw It On The Ground
  12. The Lumineers
    Sleep On The Floor
  13. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
    See Her On the Weekend
  14. The Beatles
    A Day In The Life
  15. Prince
    The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  16. The Beatles
    Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  17. The Alan Parsons Project
    Eye In The Sky
  18. Panic! At the Disco
    When The Day Met The Night
  19. New Kids On The Block
    New Kids on The Block
  20. The Five Satins
    In The Still Of The Night
  21. The Weeknd
    In The Night
  22. Martha And The Vandellas
    Dancing In The Streets
  23. The Sweet
    Fox On The Run
  24. Miley Cyrus
    Party In The USA
  25. One Direction
    Walking In The Wind
  26. All The Luck In The World
    Flight, in the Oaks
  27. Company – Into the Woods
    On The Steps Of The Palace
  28. Bruno Mars
    Versace On The Floor
  29. Sweet Honey in the Rock
    Prayer 2 The One
  30. Alice In Chains
    Man In The Box
  31. Portugal. The Man
    Live In The Moment
  32. The Beatles
    Back in the U.S.S.R
  33. Rihanna
    Love on the Brain
  34. The Beatles
    The Fool On The Hill
  35. Ed Sheeran
    Castle on the Hill
  36. Alice on the Roof
    Race in the Shadows
  37. The Olsen Brothers
    Fly On The Wings Of Love
  38. Explosions In The Sky
    Your Hand In Mine
  39. Pierce The Veil
    Bulls In The Bronx
  40. Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    Dancing in The Sunshine of The Dark
  41. Alice on the Roof
    On the Roof
  42. The Head and the Heart
    Down in the Valley
  43. Linkin Park
    In The End
  44. The Wanted
    We Own The Night
  45. The Police
    Walking On The Moon
  46. The Weeknd
    Love In The Sky
  47. The Drifters
    Up On The Roof
  48. Lynda Randle
    God on the Mountain
  49. Flight of the Conchords
    The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room
  50. In The Woods…
    In The Woods…