Results Lyric of Sweet But Psycho By Ava Max Songs

  1. Ava Max
    Sweet but Psycho
  2. Ava Max
    Sweet but Psycho (Kat Krazy Remix)
  3. Ava Max
    Sweet but Psycho (Leon Lour Remix)
  4. Ava Max
    Sweet but Psycho (Morgan Page Remix)
  5. Silver Jews
    What Is Not But Could Be If
  6. Dynamix Music
    Sweet But Psycho (Extended Dance Remix)
  7. DJ Rankin
    Sweet but Psycho
  8. Vikki Leigh
    Sweet But Psycho
  9. Power Music Workout
    Sweet But Psycho (Extended Workout Remix)
  10. Eurythmics
    Sweet Dreams (are Made Of This)
  11. Fall Out Boy
    Your Crashing But Your No Wave
  12. Fall Out Boy
    You’re Crashing, But Your No Wave
  13. Mary J Blige
    I Can Do Bad All By Myself
  14. Apo Hiking Society
    Batang Bata Ka Pa
  15. Obsidiots (Bad lip reading of catching fire)
    Choo Choo go
  16. Panic! At the Disco
    But It’s Better If You Do
  17. Soundtrack Artists
    How Bad Can I Be?
    Main Badhiya Tu Bhi Badhiya
  19. Oasis
    Who Put the Weight of the World On My Shoulders?
  20. Annie Lennox
    Sweet Dreams (are Made Of This)
  21. They Might Be Giants
    Bee of the Bird of the Month
  22. Bonnie Owens
    That Little Boy Of Mine
  23. Sugar free
    Batang Bata Ka Pa
  24. Bad Love Junkie
    Sweet Baby Psycho
  25. Carlene Davis
    Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus
  26. Beta Theta Pi
    Beta Doxology
  27. Red Cafe
    She A Bad One (BBA)
  28. Lemon Demon
    Sweet Bod
  29. Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers
    Allé Parti Pout Voi Beau Jocque (Going to See Beau Jocque)
  30. Marilyn Manson
    Sweet Dreams (are Made Of This)
  31. Kmfdm
    Bait & Switch
  32. Shudder To Think
    The Ballad Of Maxwell Demon
  33. Travis McCoy
    Bad All By Myself
  34. The Puppini Sisters
    Boogie Woogie (Bugle Boy Of Company B)
  35. Emma Forman
    I Love You But I’m So Afraid Of You
  36. Kingston Trio
    Bay of Mexico
  37. Roger Miller
    I’VE BEEN A LONG TIME LEAVIN’ (But I’ll Be A Long Time Gone)
  38. Emmelie de Forest
    Beat the Speed of Sound
  39. Carlene Carter
    Sweet Meant To Be
  40. Handel George Frideric
    51. Chorus: But Thanks Be To God
  41. Newsboys
    Nothing But the Blood of Jesus (Live)
  42. Alice Cooper
    I’ll Bite Your Face Off
  43. Smog
    To Be of Use
  44. Tanya Tucker
    Pass Me By (if You’re Only Passing Through)
  45. Daryl Ong
    Batang Bata Ka Pa – From “Seven Sundays”
  46. Twinkle
    Boy of My Dreams
  47. Alvvays
    Saved By a Waif
  48. Frank Ocean
    PDA (Public Display Of Affection)
  49. Bon Jovi
    Put The Boy Back In Cowboy (Overcut)
  50. Rednex
    The Sad But True Story Of Ray Mingus