Results Lyric of Zac Hanson Keen For The X Factor Judging Job Songs

  1. Nickelback
    Coin For The Ferryman
  2. Fabolous
    Gone For The Winter
  3. Aesop Rock
    Gun for the Whole Family
  4. Grand Funk Railroad
    Goin’ for The Pastor
  5. The Script
    For The First Time
  6. Cage The Elephant
    Aint No Rest For The Wicked
  7. The Rolling Stones
    Sympathy For The Devil
  8. Justin Timberlake
  9. The Isley Brothers
    For the Love of You
  10. Chicago The Musical
    We Both Reached For The Gun
  11. Kristen Bell
    For the First Time in Forever
  12. Coldplay
    Hymn For The Weekend
  13. The Fratellis
    Whistle For The Choir
  14. Linkin Park
    Waiting For The End
  15. Demi Lovato
    Cool For the Summer
  16. The Beatles
    Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite
  17. Fall Out Boy
    Thanks For The Memories
  18. The Front Bottoms
    The Plan (Fuck Jobs)
  19. Hairspray Musical Orchestra
    You Can’t Stop The Beat
  20. Foster The People
    Doing It For The Money
  21. Oscar Isaac
    Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)
  22. Escape The Fate
    One for the Money
  23. Maher Zain
    For The Rest Of My Life
  24. Wolves in the Throne Room
    Queen of the Borrowed Light
  25. Somethin’ for the People
    My Love Is the Shhh!
  26. The Isley Brothers
    Harvest for the World
  27. The Sherlocks
    Live for the moment
  28. Kristen Bell
    For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
  29. Blue Oyster Cult
    Don’t Fear The Reaper
  30. John Powell
    For The Dancing And The Dreaming
  31. The O’Jays
    Livin’ for the Weekend
  32. Demi Lovato
    For The Love Of A Daughter
  33. Reuben and the Dark
    Can’t See the Light
  34. Queens of The Stone Age
    A Song for The Dead
  35. Donald Lawrence and The Tri-City Singers
    A Message For The Saints
  36. Christ for the Nations Music
    When I Think About the Lord
  37. The Shins
    Gone For Good
  38. Hillsong United
    For The Lord Is My Tower
  39. Fields Of The Nephilim
    Last Exit For The Lost
  40. Swallow the Sun
    Pray for the Winds to Come
  41. The Velvet Underground
    I’m Waiting For The Man
  42. The Mowgli’s
    Waiting For The Dawn
  43. Big Sean
    One Man Can Change The World
  44. Hurray for the Riff Raff
    Living in the City
  45. King Khan And The Shrines
    Pray for Lil
  46. Lykke Li
    No Rest for the Wicked
  47. Queens of The Stone Age
    A Song for The Deaf
  48. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
    Maps For the Getaway
  49. The Brady Bunch
    We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter
  50. The Ready Set
    Stays Four The Same